Hello, my name is Yo. I am based as a “tent-maker” in South Korea. I am so happy and excited to share my story, but I hesitated to do so. In telling you about my hesitation, I shall share about my story and my work…

“Why hesitant?” Because I didn’t feel “enough”. Oh, I know my work is important, I know I make a difference, but I still believed the “voice” inside that questioned my value in sharing my purpose.

“How can you talk about yourself? What would the others think? They are workers really making sacrifices. You are not. You are not enough. Don’t share!”

That “voice” and my fear manifested to a height that eventually stifled me and led me to this day. Today. But today, I shake it off and surrender them to Jesus.

Through Christ I am happy to share my story, my purpose. I push from under the voices and that have piled my heart with layers of lies which caused fear and undeserved shame. Through Him, I am enough. I have seen those who did not know Jesus come to love and seek Him. I have seen those who did not know Jesus relentlessly and fearless, push through the disbelief of this world. I know I am wonderfully enough, magnificently purposeful, and “Dearly Child”. I am wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) by the Great Creator of the universe (Psalm 115:15) who set before me glorious things to do, to experience, to share.

You are enough. There is nothing that you can do to be beloved less or more. Your life is a beautiful array of colors that brings life and beauty to the stories of others as your life intersects theirs. You drip, splash, and blend your colors across the canvas of others’ lives.

Every prayer you lift up is like a fireworks display in the heavens for all eternity to see.

Every gentle look or caring gaze is an arrow of peace shot at the target of their soul.

Without words your presence shakes and clips the vibrations of discord. You are an agent of peace and harmony, because the Spirit of God is alive and active inside you.

Let these words I have written seep down into you. May they comfort and encourage, and remind you that nothing on this earth can measure the eternal impact of you “being” for another-offering your time, your smile, your giftedness, and sacrifice for “doing life together” with others, especially through the Power and Love of Jesus our Christ-establishing the foundation of His love for them.

I encourage you to rest in the knowledge that you were created by GOD, for His purpose. Through Jesus you love. GOD is love. It is His love in you and through you. There is nothing you must do, but rest in Him.  Follow Him, and trust He knows when, how, and will inform you of “when” as you learn to enjoy Him and live. His promises are for YOU-to love you.

When you lay your heart bare on your own behalf and allow the Spirit of forgiveness to reign over your heart, then you can help others lay their heart bare before GOD. When you persevere in the faith-absolute belief that GOD is for you, the Spirit is in you, and Jesus loves and redeems YOU, then you can share the same; and lead others who desire to walk the path of truth-the narrow way.

So, what do I do? What is my work? I am blessed to come alongside those like you who love and seek God. I was created to inspire and encourage the leader who is already on the path, those whom GOD is calling to lead, and entice those who are peeking at my life to see if there is peace found on the path that I walk towards Jesus.

In doing so, I am blessed to travel to country and continent during my summer and winter breaks to meet one-on-one with others. I get to pray, counsel, and play according to the needs of those I visit. Basically I get to look deep into the eyes of those who have left their home country and deliver a message: “God sees you. Jesus loves you. And you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Please pray for me, that I love fearlessly and press relentlessly into the One who has called me into being.


©2015 Thrive.