And the scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called God’s friend.

James 2:23


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Above the deafening sound of humanity striving for significance, is the silence of a human heart standing in awe before the Maker of the Universe.

~ Marjorie Speiser

taken from a true story…

Looking back, Abraham knew he had been chosen. He didn’t know why. There had been lapses in his faith; he had made decisions that weren’t worthy of his calling and yet, in his weakness, God’s strength abounded in him. He had walked on water in unknown lands, he had weathered the storms of life with his God, and had witnessed God’s personal touch of blessing beyond anything he could imagine. Why me? He would ask God that question when he entered into glory.

And in the future, little did he know that he would be at the top of the charts in Biblical circles, academia, church leaders, and everyday believers. He would be a prominent figure in the Old Testament, Intertestamental and New Testament periods, venerated throughout all history as a patriarch of the Hebrew people. The future multitude would desire his faith and read how God had blessed him with land, people, and prosperity.

And even more surprising, his faith would be seen as a righteous walk before God. What did that mean? Abraham knew that the only credit he had to his name was this faith. His actions were all based on his belief that God was bigger than he was, that God could see all humanity from a different perspective and that God would cover his people with blessings if only they would get out of the driver’s seat. Though Abraham could not understand God’s leading, he could accept the guidance and that is what made him great. This is the arena where he won his awards of the day, of the years, from generation to generation.

It was really quite simple. One needed to leave all results in life to God, all Abraham had to do was believe that God knew what He was doing.

So why Abraham? Why was he chosen? Why was he told to leave his land, only to receive more land? Why was he told to bring his family into treacherous territory where the threat of death lurked behind dark corners of kings and strangers, only to receive a baby from an old woman and add nations to his family heritage? And most surprising of all, why did God never leave him? No matter how he walked in life, whether he rose to the mountain tops in his choices or declined to the bottom of the sea, God was there.

It all came down to significance. Not Abrahams but God’s. And any credit Abraham might have received went straight back to the heavens. Abraham, a man who was called a friend of God, a great man of faith, was significant, did the significant, and above all knew the source of his significance, his God alone. And the bottom line heralded in the Word of God became the plumb line for generations to come…Abraham believed who God was and that God would carry out what He had promised he would. And it was credited to Abraham as the right thing to do.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You are the most significant aspect of my life and I want to focus on trusting You and Your promises as the most significant action I can do daily.


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