My name is Shelly Dobosy and I live in a fishing town on the desert coast of Peru. Imagine a small town located near a beach on the moon and we’re not too far off – a place of hospitable people, dramatic and unexpected landscapes, and lots of dust. I have lived here for the last three years, working alongside a couple focused on church planting and development. I also work occasionally with other coworkers to start and maintain a youth ministry that can feed into the church. I run herd over a chaotic group of kids and teens, teaching Bible clubs, playing lots of Uno, and making tons of oatmeal cookies. Additionally, I study the Bible with some local women and help organize church events. I have also found that I enjoy teaching English in the public schools and to groups of adults in the evenings as outreach.


Please pray for our teens as we live in a town with an extremely high risk of alcohol and drug addiction and teenage pregnancy with almost no young Christian role models.


Please pray for our church, that men would step into leadership and that more would participate.


Please pray that a long-term, dedicated coworker would be found locally or elsewhere, as I cannot effectively and safely serve my kiddos alone.


Please pray for a couple to work with the kids and teens, especially to provide a male role model to work with the young men I am unable to serve adequately.


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