2015 Peru Retreat | The Power of Good Girlfriends

Husbands are great, but there is simply no replacement for finding community, camaraderie, and comfort among other women.

Ann came by herself to the retreat from Bolivia. She didn’t know any of the other women, not even her roommate. As she waited in the lobby for registration to begin, she recognized the woman who walked in the hotel’s front door.


There before her was a woman who works up the coast in Peru. Their friendship went back more than 20 years, and Grace’s daughter had been in Ann’s first grade classroom.

Two other women recognized one another, only to discover they lived on the same hall during college.

True friends—especially friends who truly understand the life of a global workers, are rare as rubies. Loneliness is a common theme at reteats. We Annes-with-an-E need our own Diana Berrys, bosom buddies who will walk with us through the thicks and thins of life, friends who will rejoice when we rejoice and mourn with us when we mourn. And that’s something global women are often lacking.

Many friendships are birthed out of retreat small groups. One woman admitted to her small group that she puts up barriers to friendships even with other missionaries because she fears they won’t be around long term. Sometimes they even resign themselves to a life without friends because it’s “the nature of our lives and callings.”

And yet, God tenderly sees them and meets the desires of their hearts. One lady who came to the retreat feeling particularly alone shared, “My roommate at this retreat is someone who could potentially become a good friend.” The two are about the same age and live not too far from one another. Her small group leader adds, “it’s beautiful to see how God orchestrated this for both of these ladies and surprised them.

Would you pray today that God would meet the needs of global women by providing them with good girlfriends?

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