2015 Peru Retreat | God’s Model for Member Care

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2015 Peru Retreat | God’s Model for Member Care
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Patty, lead counselor for the Peru retreat, began the volunteer orientation with a message from 1 Kings 19. Elijah had just experienced some of the greatest highs in his ministry. Yet Jezebel’s threat catapulted Elijah to an all-time low. Exhausted, he traveled into the wilderness and cried out to God to end his life.

End his life? Isn’t that a little extreme?

This prophet, called by God, had been used mightily to advance God’s Kingdom. God responded to Elijah’s cry of desperation (vv. 5-8) with

    1.      rest
    2.      physical touch
    3.      physical sustenance (food and drink)
    4.      more rest
    5.      spiritual sustenance (His voice)


When God spoke to Elijah. He didn’t use the dramatic means of a great and mighty wind, an earthquake, or a fire. He used a gentle whisper (vv. 11-12) amid the silence of the wilderness.

And so we pray for rest. We prepare an environment for healthy physical touch through massage therapy, haircuts, and pedicures. We schedule time for food and drink and building community between global workers. We make space for global women to worship. As we intentionally follow God’s model for caring for those who serve Him across Latin America, we trust God’s voice to emerge as these women leave the drama and the activity of their lives and set aside time to listen for His still, small voice.

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