Global Woman Highlight | Anne Milton

Hi! My name is Anne Milton. I met my husband overseas while visiting my sister in Western Asia. After a year of marriage and giving birth to our first daughter, we moved overseas in 2011 to help continue the church planting work my husband had previously been a part of in this town where only a handful of local believers reside.

When asked to be featured on this Global Woman Highlight, my first thought was, “I have nothing to share because I am not doing anything.” But for all the moms with little ones out there on the field who still struggle with the language and with getting dinner on the table, I write this for you. Right now, my main work involves feeding, teaching and caring for three little girls 4 years and under. My other main job involves feeding, loving. and encouraging the man whose heart for the Lord and the lost is what first caught my attention. Aside from these, I am also grateful for opportunities to demonstrate hospitality and to do one-on-one discipleship lessons with some young believing ladies here.

Recently, we have felt the Lord moving us in a different direction. We plan to continue living and doing CP work in this city, but feel that He is calling us away from the current fellowship we have been a part of and into the beginnings of perhaps a new fellowship. We ask for prayers concerning this change of direction in our lives. We would like to continue to disciple the local believers as best as we can, but also feel that this move from the fellowship is necessary at this time. Pray too that I will be faithful with the small things. That God will take my five loaves and two fish and use them to bless the multitudes.


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