Global Woman Highlight | Becky Bronson

Hi, I’m Becky.  I live in downtown Bangkok with three other boys – eek! – my husband and my two sons. We have lived here for about 4+ years and work for a MTW church-planting team in center-city Bangkok.

I hail from South Texas – and love and miss all things Texas that I grew up with: breakfast tacos, hunting and fishing, wide open spaces, and most of all my family!  I have lived in so many different countries and cities for various seasons of my life and gotten good practice at moving! Here in Bangkok, I spend my days sweating (alot!) while trying to sort through temper tantrums, entertaining a toddler, feeding and napping our sweet baby, and figuring out how to be involved in church-planting and ministry while wrangling two little ankle-grabbers (haven’t figured that one out yet)! I’m a middle child married to another middle child for nine years and love so many things about living in Thailand – the food especially. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend a Thrive retreat and enjoy a rest and reprieve.

Pray for me that I would be able to rest in Him and my identity as a daughter of Christ.  Pray for strength and endurance for us in the hot climate with two little ones and a difficult city to navigate.  Please pray for the growth of churches and the Christian faith here in Bangkok especially, and against discouragement when the work is slow and difficult.


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