My husband and I came to Thailand to serve as global workers within the sport of Muay Thai (also known as kickboxing); Thailand’s national sport. Having served here for almost a decade, I saw an ever increasing amount of sickness and disease amongst many nationals who had taken on the Western diet and lifestyle. I created a health ministry called “i AM WOMAN”; helping woman overcome weight issues, sickness and disease. I am able to address the whole woman; mind, body and spirit. Thus providing a great inroad for me to present the gospel, in order to help woman discover their health and beauty from the inside out, as well as discover their purpose in life.

This has been a 3 year undertaking and in just a few months is going to launch with two new websites and various programs anyone can participate in. I have been driven by Father’s still small voice that says, “I’m preparing you for a people and preparing a people for you”. Please pray that woman who find themselves stuck in their personal life circumstances will gain freedom through the ministry of “i AM WOMAN”. And that I can continue to serve them in grace and wisdom.

Zina is a featured writer on the subject of health and wellness for the Krabi-Magazine here in Thailand.


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