Global Woman Highlight | Louise Diehl

My name is Louise Diehl. My husband and I have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for almost forty years. Since 2005 we have been running a training school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for global worker candidates from the largest country in East Asia. I serve as the school’s administrator and also as an English teacher. We began working in East Asia in 1983 in the capital city. Over a period of nineteen years in that country my husband and I spent most of our time working with government and university officials helping to open the way for others in our organization to come and do linguistic and translation work.

One of my biggest delights has been the opportunity in the past ten years to work with national Christians from this country in training them for future cross-cultural ministry. Though many come from rural areas with limited education, they work hard at learning all the things that will help prepare them better for their work. I have learned much through their humble servant hearts and experiencing the love and respect they have for their teachers.

Please pray that our team will complete all the lesson plans in the national language by the time we finish this project in 2016. Pray that the young national couple who plan to continue this work will have all the co-workers they need and all the financial resources they need to carry on the training from Chiang Mai. We are also praying that many others inside this country will benefit from our training materials which they will be able to download from the internet. Please do pray that our team will experience harmony among ourselves as we begin this last difficult year of finishing up all our materials, as well as teaching one more session.


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