I am on the way to the grocery store with my teenage son, when the phone rings. Since I am driving, I ask him to answer it.

I hear:





“Si, mais elle conduit maintenant.” (Yes, but she’s driving right now.)


“D’accord. Je lui dirai.” (Okay, I’ll tell her.)


“De rien. Au revoir.” (You’re welcome. Goodbye.)

Speaking French on the phone still makes me nervous. My son was completely at ease. Calm. Cool. Confident.

“So,” I ask, “who was that?”

“I have no idea,” he replies, “but you are meeting her tomorrow at 10!”

Thanks! That is really helpful.

PS: With a little detective work, we figured it out.

PPS: For the record, it is likely that the same thing would have occurred if the conversation had been in English. My son is not all that big on details, as you may have already realized!


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Question to consider: Have you ever been afraid to talk on the phone in your second language?  Have you seen your kids’ language abilities surpass your own?  We know you have them…what are some funny experiences you have had with your children overseas?