Global Woman Highlight | Bonnie Burnett

My name is Bonnie Burnett and I serve in Phuket, Thailand.  A year and a bit ago, the Lord brought my husband and I to Phuket to plant a church among the Westerners living on the island.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure why!  We have no experience in church planting; our gifts lie in leadership training!  The last 15 years of ministry have been with the local Thai in the Thai language, not among expats.  It makes no sense to send us.

But perhaps that is why He has.  This is a crazy place where people come who are looking for a fresh start on lives full of pain and broken dreams.  I suspect that traditional church planting would not work here, so instead we get up every day and say, “What is it you want us to do today, Jesus?”  And He is building His Church.  What a joy to see Him draw people in and give them a sense of community within His body.  We are so privileged to serve Him.

Recently He has given us a taste of His Holy Spirit again, and we hunger to know Him more.  To live with our eyes on Him more.  To walk in His power more.  To love others & serve them through His love more than ever before.  Please pray that we will not be sidetracked from pursuing Him above all else and that He will pour His Spirit out on our fellowship, All Nations Church Phuket.

Love from Phuket,
Bonnie for all of us


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