2015 Thailand Retreat | Worship Together

“Worship—more specifically corporate worship in English—was a highlight for many of the Thrive Retreat attendees. Women were encouraged to stand or sit, lie on the floor, raise their hands—whatever they preferred. Many women simply sat quietly in their chairs with tears streaming down their faces, moved by a God who felt very near and by songs some were hearing for the first time in a very long time. ‘I listen to worship music at home,’ said one woman based in Moscow. ‘But at our international church, a non-native English speaker usually leads worship, and we often sing songs in Russian. It’s so refreshing to participate in corporate worship in my language, and to be able to raise my hands if I want to.’”

-Bethany Hofmann, worship leader, small group facilitator, pedicures

“Worshipping together with global women has been a highlight of these retreats. In an atmosphere where freedom to express worship to our heavenly Father is encouraged, women respond differently to this opportunity. Some sit quietly and receive from the Holy Spirit through being still before Him. Others stand, with hands raised, singing in full voice. Most of all, we are all renewed through focusing on our great God, giving praise and glory to Him alone.”

-Kerri Wood, worship leader, small group facilitator, pedicures


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