2015 Thailand Retreat | Physical Healing Through Touch

“This is my first time to serve as a volunteer at a Thrive retreat. I have been so blessed to provide massage therapy for our attendees. My favorite part is praying over the ladies sitting in my massage chair. I ask them to share a prayer request or two with me before we begin the massage and then we pray together. As I massage them, I continue to bathe them in prayer. If they want to visit, I ask them, “What encourages you the most in your work?” I have been so blessed to hear all the ways God is encouraging them in their work. God is so faithful and I am so blessed to have had the privilege to connect with, and pray over, some very precious sisters-in-the-faith.” Nannette Nelson, small group facilitator and massage therapist as well as morning trainer.
The Pedicure Room
“It’s such a joy to serve in the pedicure room as it’s a place of special pampering with the process of soaking, scrubbing, massaging and polishing toes. When getting acquainted with one of the attendees, I found out that she works with an organization where the Chaplain who retired from being the director is the same man who helped my husband in his early Christian growth when he was a young midshipman in the Navy over 50 years ago! Personal connections with God’s family around the world is such a special blessing.” Nancy Strittmatter, small group facilitator and pedicure room “Thank you so much for the wonderful blessings of this amazing retreat. You are the hands and feet of Jesus!’ A retreat attendee’s heart-felt thanks.

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