2015 Thailand Retreat | Seeking Counsel, Finding Help

The five Thrive Counselors at the Thrive retreat report, “The range of counseling topics is as varied for us (counselors) at this Thrive retreat, as it is in our private practices. Global workers who have come from countries throughout Asia, have come seeking counsel for issues surrounding team dynamics, communication in their marriages, dilemmas in parenting, and many other personal topics. We are honored to offer confidential, Christ-centered counseling to help these global women process their pain, heal their hurts and point out unexplored options for their future. It is a joy to see women transform even within this limited time frame.” This is a wonderful testimony of God’s love and care for our attendees through the ministry of our counseling team, Dr. Elisabeth Suarez, Miriam Jerome, Sonia Nelson, Connie Rooke, and Judyann Gallego.

And, a word of thanks from an attendee:

“Your generous hearts and thoughtfulness have made us feel like we are not forgotten and that our needs, on the most basic level, are far from insignificant! Thank you! May God bless you!”


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