Global Woman Highlight | Marie Chiara

My name is Marie and I am originally from New Jersey. For two years now I have worked for a small organization in Cambodia that has 5 main ministries. I am the director of one of them – which is a learning center that specializes in teaching English to young adults from poor and low-income families. Cambodia’s citizens are very young and very impressionable, 50% of the population is under the age of 22. We have about 200 students, most ranging in age from 15-22. We build bridges into their lives as we move with them from level to level. These bridges bring opportunities for evangelism and discipleship outside of class. I also spend time teaching the Bible to teen girls from our children’s home and to others at our house church.

I really enjoy the work that God has given me to do but it is easy to grow weary. I would love for you to pray that all of the enemy’s tactics in Cambodia would be dismantled – that fear, revenge, secrecy, and corruption would be stomped out – and that Cambodia would come to be known as a nation where the Kingdom of God has truly come to earth. Please pray for me as I continue with language study and for the keys to unlocking Cambodian hearts. I especially would like prayer for wisdom in how to best divide my time in a highly-relational culture – hat by God’s grace and wisdom I “might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last” (John 15:16).


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