2015 Thailand Retreat | Thrive Salon

As we cut and styled hair in the Thrive Salon, we were amazed to hear all the wonderful stories, both funny and sad, the women attendees brought to us. We had an inviting set up with candles, laugher, and music which helped them feel welcomed and at home. They were so grateful for a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, and most of all, someone to really listen to them. I’ve never felt so moved while cutting hair than I did while styling these women’s hair. What a privilege!

Christina Townsend is one of the Thailand Retreat Volunteers. She is facilitating a small group and styling hair.

“I wish you could have been her to see the fun and the smiles during the retreat. I’m sending a big hello and many thanks! I feel so grateful! The Lord has confirmed over and over that this retreat is a blessing straight from His hands. Thank you for listening to His voice and blessing us!”

An attendee wrote this thank you to those who have prayed and given so she could come to the retreat.

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