2015 Thailand Retreat | Living Strong in His WORD

Our Thrive speaker, Liz Givens is teaching us how we can be “Living Strong as Aliens in a Hostile World” during our two retreats. We are challenged each day as she shares from God’s Word. One of our volunteers, Alicia Jacobs, shares, “The study of 1 Peter has encouraged me to focus on transforming my mind. Everyday, I want to choose to guard what goes into my mind and what I allow my eyes to see. Only God is Holy, but I can strive to keep my thoughts and conduct holy with His help.” This is an important message for each of us, volunteers and attendees alike, as we seek to live for God wherever He has called us. We are “tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.” (I Peter 2:3)

Alicia Jacobs is a volunteer who is facilitating a small group and serving in the pedicure room.


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