Sounds of ladies laughing, fun greetings of “pick your nail color”, conversations buzzing….yes, this could be any spa around the world. But looking closer you will see some differences. Some eternal differences. The foot scrubbing stations have Thrive volunteers serving as the hands, heart and ears of Jesus as they engage with retreat attendees in some deep conversations and feet are wrapped in towels, as well as prayer. What a precious experience of following Jesus’ example of washing the feet of those He loved. The hands of the toenail polishers offer comfort thru leg massage but also thru the privilege of holding the stories, joys and sorrows shared in confidence, and carrying those to our sweet Savior on their behalf. In this “heavenly spa”, the laughter, conversations and prayers, as well as the pretty picture of the rainbow of nail colors, are rich reminders of Gods promises and gifts. Ahhhh.

Today’s blog post was written by Jeanette Lee who is serving at the retreat as a small group facilitator and in the pedicure room.

*2015 retreat blog hands, heart, ears

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