2015 Thailand Retreat | Connecting Hearts

You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air as global women arrived from all over Southeast Asia, Sunday afternoon in Phuket. As they were checking in, making appointments, meeting new friends, there was a sense that the Lord had something wonderful in store for each one of them.

Weeks ago, the Thrive team prayed about the 10 small group assignments. Sunday afternoon we met in our small groups for the first time. Like minded women with hearts to go deep, fast. That’s what happened in each group! Between laughter, tears, heart felt stories, and prayers, our groups bonded with the love of Jesus Christ. And that was just Sunday. Monday we continued getting to know one another and digging into God’s Word. We still have Tuesday and Wednesday to enjoy one another before we say goodbye to each other. Then we’ll begin looking forward to our next set of attendees who will arrive on Thursday. The fun has just begun!

The author of today’s blog is Lynn Walkowski who is serving as a small group facilitator and a prayer partner at the retreats in Thailand.

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