2015 Thailand Retreat | Corum Deo

“As I move through day 2 of preparations for the Thailand retreat, my first experience as a volunteer with Thrive ministry, I am reminded of the phrase, Corum Deo: living before the face of God. Our days are very full, scheduled with meetings, many prayer groups, and assembling gifts for our attendees who are already on their way to us. They are coming to us for refreshment, renewal and encouragement. When I contemplate serving them, I am, at times, overwhelmed by the expectations I place upon myself and alternately relieved as I remember this is not about me. I am simply the vessel to be filled by God, the instrument to be used by God to serve these women.”

“There are moments when I am overcome with confusion, anxiety, and worry about how I will be able to serve such experienced women living a life I admire. Then I envision myself pushing all these distractions out of the way, emptying myself to make room for the works God has prepared for me and each one of us. As I watch these gifted women on the volunteer team, each blessed with her own unique skills and abilities, moving through each day with grace and wonderful humor, I can rest in the knowledge I am one of them.

Would you pray with us that our attendees will be emptied and filled day after day, taking home with them a renewed sense of their own purpose, their own unique expression of Corum Deo.”

This post is by Ann Nichols who is serving as a volunteer at the retreat. She is an R.N. and will be available for consultation each afternoon during the self care time. During the afternoons, our guests can choose to meet with a counselor, a prayer partner, have their colors done, or receive a massage, haircut, or pedicure. They are encouraged to take time during the afternoon for self-care, both through the pampering activities we provide, resting, enjoying the beach and by spending time alone with God.


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