Global Woman Highlight | Brook Seekins

My name is Brook and I serve in western Tanzania.  I have been here for 13 years and God is always opening doors of new ministry opportunities.  My main job is to advise the pastors who oversee the Youth Department of the Grace Church of Tanzania. We currently have about 70 churches full of youth.  We do seminars and conferences for youth and youth leaders. We run camps each summer and Worship Seminars every couple of years.  Most of my work is done in various villages in the Rukwa Region of Tanzania. I do a lot of the preparation and curriculum writing for these events as well as teaching and coordinating during the .  There are always teams coming to help with camps or seminars, so I am also learning about being a travel agent and hostess.  As all of you know there is never a dull moment on the field. There are so many little aspects of our ministries that could never be written in our “job description”.


One highlight has been teaching True Love Waits classes and then seeing the fruit of those.  Many youths whom I have worked with over the years are now married and I love celebrating with them at their weddings.  I even own several wedding dresses which we rent out to the youth in our churches to help them celebrate their special day.


Please pray for wisdom in preparing all the seminars, camps, and conferences. Pray for good relations with national church leaders.  Pray for the Tanzanian pastors whom I work with as they do a lot of the work in preparing locations and preaching.  Pray for the youth to whom we minister and the local church leaders as they try to create weekly Youth Programs.  Pray for my decisions on how best to glorify God in my time and energy in various ministries and in my preparation and in my personal time.


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