Global Woman Highlight | Alysha Omundi

My name is Alysha Omundi, originally from Pennsylvania. I serve in Nakuru, Kenya and have been full-time on the field for two years doing special needs/disability ministry. I am working with parents, schools, a community based organization and children’s homes as an advocate and consultant to caregivers, teachers, leadership, etc. in order to empower those working with children with special needs/disabilities. I also assist in working with the children themselves. In addition, I connect families and individuals with or working with children with disabilities to resources in their own community, at the same time sharing Christ’s love and His touch of compassion with many.

I ask for prayers for my ministry as often times the need is overwhelming and I realize that I can only move forward with God’s guidance, strength, and wisdom. Pray that God will focus my ministry to the special needs/disabled children for the future and that He will show my husband and I how He will merge our ministries together. I am a newlywed and my husband, Sam, is a Kenyan. Pray as we pursue a way for Sam to be able to travel to America and meet my family and see where I grew up.


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