What if my Shepherd’s leading me

In pathways I don’t like?

I’m none too pleased with what I see

That’s coming down the pike.

What if I’ve not yet come to grips

With trials of the past?

What if each time the valley dips,

Familiar fears rise fast?

What if I feel like I’ve been burned?

What if I’ve had my fill?

What if I haven’t fully learned

Surrender to His will?

What if it’s not my place to choose

The route my Shepherd takes?

I will not fear the paths You use—

Lead on, for Your name’s sake.

What if Your love that never fails

Is all I really need?

Though shadows loom and fears assail,

I’ll follow as You lead.


©2015 Thrive.

Question to consider: How have you seen your Shepherd leading you in your trials and fears?