Global Woman Highlight | Leanne Dartnell

You never know when and where God may lead you to go. For my husband, Mark, and I, it was to Burkina Faso, West Africa when we were nearer to fifty than forty and our three children were already adults. God was not leading us to work the front lines but to be the support beams behind those who do see action on a daily basis.

After five years in Burkina Faso we moved to our present post which is Blantyre, Malawi where I am serving in the same role of Personnel Coordinator.  This translates into piles of paperwork and emails to keep our over 30 global workers free of the technicalities that allow them to be here (visas and permits) and remain in sync with their sending offices. Where my witness is allowed to prove itself is in showing grace and patience and maintaining integrity in all my encounters with government agencies while ensuring our global workers can continue in their various ministries. There are times where this can be quite a challenge but God gives his grace when needed.

I would greatly appreciate prayer in the following:

Letting Christ shine through me wherever I go and in whatever I do while supporting and helping others to thrive in the mission to which God has called them.

To be discerning and wise when helping global workers who are overwhelmed with the challenges they face and to know how to best help them overcome these attacks by Satan.


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