Santiago, like most megacities, is packed with people, problems and potential! The pace of life is fast and faster. It is a challenge to get to know even the people who live close to us, to find times to get acquainted, earn the right to be heard, share the Gospel, repeatedly offer the opportunity to accept Christ, schedule a time to meet for Bible study and worship, teach new believers to reach out and assist each one personally to do so. But that is my job and I love it!

I love it when Clara tells me God has spoken to her in her Bible reading.
I love it when Maggie accepts Christ as Savior.
I love it when Eva says “pray for Jesus to come to my whole family”.
I love it when Ana leads her first Bible study.
I love it when Pat’s husband comes home from work early to be with his family in house church.

Praise God for little steps that lead to changed lives!

Please join me praying that the people will not deceived by post modern philosophies nor numb to their spiritual need. Pray that people find the true source of eternal life.

Pray for me and all God’s children here in Santiago to be compassionate and effective witness to the people we come in contact with.


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