Global Woman Highlight | Heidi Forrest

My name is Heidi Forrest.  I am a wife of ten years and a mom of two girls ages five and six and a little two year old boy. I am a stay at home mom, mostly.  My oldest daughter goes to school but my middle child is homeschooled.  We are on staff with Youth With a Mission in Arusha, Tanzania. My husband works with the Maasai people in the Engikaret and Kaserian languages, teaching literacy as well as English.  We are working and praying about starting a discipleship school for the Maasai that would be taught in their native tongue.  On the weekends I am part of a new ministry we have to young maasai girls that are not able to attend school and want to hear about Jesus.  We bring them in, over 150 young girls, and sing songs, play games, teach them about Jesus and send them home with full stomachs.  A lot of these girls are begging to attend school but their fathers refuse.  They are being sold off as brides instead at a very young age.   We are praying for breakthrough in the lives of their parents so they are able to make their own choices.

Please pray for the work among the Maasai.  Pray that the men would have open hearts to the gospel and the girls would be released to go to school.  Also we need prayer for our family.  My two girls and I were robbed at gunpoint in our car on the way home from school at the end of August.  We have struggled with a lot of fear and anger.  Pray that my girls and I can learn to love Tanzania again and that the fear will be taken out of our hearts.


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