I am Mary Jo Cooke, married for 35 years. I was adopted into God’s family by grace and faith when I was 9 years old. I am an MK, my parents were Lamar and Betsy Tribble, global workers in Chile and in Bolivia. My husband and I have served in Santiago, Chile since 1983 under appointment by the International Mission Board, SBC.

  • I work in evangelism and discipleship, mostly among women.
  • I lead two neighborhood Bible study groups for women.
  • I teach a quilting class in a women’s prison where I am able to share a short devotional weekly. I use crafts as a means of meeting women.
  • I started a children’s English Bible club in our condominium. It is a challenge for me to work with young children. However, I discovered that they are the only neighbors I see out regularly, so I am building relationships with their families through this weekly activity.
  • I also minister in local churches, when invited, to encourage them to reach out to their neighbors and friends.

We hope to start a church here in the near future.

Please pray for bold humility. This may sound contradictory but are actually the qualities I need to have to share the Gospel effectively. Relating to other women on a personal level comes to me naturally. I ask for prayer for these relationships to be bridges for the Gospel.


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