Global Woman Highlight | Heidi Rotert

Hi, I’m Heidi Rotert. I was raised in northern Illinois, and met and married my husband Brian in Joplin, Missouri. We now serve the Lord along with our four children as church planters in Ancona, Italy. We have been in Italy since 2005. You can follow our adventures here.

As church planters, we are seeking to introduce people to Jesus. Our ministry involves evangelism, as well as pastoral care. Our church community is still small, but we are growing deeper and deeper in the faith as we are praying that the Lord brings new believers to Him.

My responsibilities include being a wife and mom, actively participating in the lives of our community members, seeking to evangelize and lead others to Christ, and disciple some of the ladies in our congregation.

Our prayer is that the Lord grows the church here in Ancona. Not just for numerical growth, but because we really want to see the lost saved. As church planters, we want to work ourselves out of a job. Pray that the city of Ancona will have an Italian church with Italian leadership and Italian teachers and preachers. As foreigners, even our best efforts will never be as good as seeing the locals take ownership and really lead the church. What an amazing thing it will be to see this beautiful bride of Christ stand on her own two feet! Please pray with us that the Lord brings many to a saving faith in Him.

Thank you!!!


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