I am JT.  Wife and mother of two beautiful children aged 7 and 5. I love music and playing the piano. My heart and passion is to see many Muslims come to know the love of Jesus. My husband and I have served in three different Muslim countries during the last 12 years. We currently serve in a city in Western Asia.

We are church planting among two unreached people groups (both minorities in our current country). One is a group called “Alevi” (a Shiite minority) and the other is called the “Ahiska Turks” a refugee people group that is scattered in many countries around the world.

  • Pray that God will lead us to the people in whom he is already working.
  • Pray for His Joy to be my strength.
  • Praise Him for the many opportunities I have to share my faith in Jesus with the women here. I feel truly blessed!
  • Pray that soon we will see a Jesus movement among the Alevis and Ahiskas.


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