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Global Woman Highlight | L.E.

My name is Laura. My husband, Eric, and I serve in Central Asia.

When we came here for the first time three years ago during a short term trip, we realized how full of contrast this country is. People around us looked Asian, they spoke two languages, one of them being Russian, and they have grown accustomed to hear the call to prayer five times a day. We also realized how thirsty their souls are for Good News.

We have recently returned, this time to stay long term. I am a pediatric nurse by trade and I’ll be using my skills in the village clinic starting next year, in which place I also hope to build long lasting relationships through which I can share the hope of life that I have.

During the rest of this year I will continue to study the local language in a school located in the capital. As I anticipated, language learning has being challenging. This is not my first time learning a foreign language, but nevertheless some days it doesn’t seem possible to memorize all these new words!

I have been encouraged many times by prayers of faithful warriors and have seen how our faithful Father answers them, so I would ask you to pray for our (mine and my husband’s) language learning time, that we will be able to continue to learn, understand and speak. Also, as we are more and more able to communicate, pray that we would be able to develop friendships with our local neighbors.

To him who is able to strengthen us be the glory!


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  • Laura

    Hi Laura! My girlfriend read your article and sent me a copy of the link asking if this was me! My name is Laura,my husband’s name is Eric and we lived in Central Asia for about 6 years!! I am,however, not a pediatric nurse. We were living there for the same reasons you are there now. I am imaging/guessing that you are in a neighboring country from where we served as the majority of us who were there were deported. I will pray for you & your husband especially as you grasp the language.

    • Laura

      Hi Laura,
      What a small world, maybe one day we will meet. Thanks for praying for us! I just came across your comment. I think all of your guesses are right 🙂 Language is much better now, and work is slow, but steady. We have many many praises.