2014 Fall Tanzania Retreat | To Bless and Be Blessed

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2014 Fall Tanzania Retreat | To Bless and Be Blessed
    Photography by: Cindy Judge      

Today was the day we had been preparing for. The first global workers from Africa arrived here in Tanzania. We had prayed and thought about them as they drove, flew, and (for a few) bounced on long bus rides from seven different African countries, including two as far away as the west coast. As they picked up their folders and welcome packages, filled with lotion, music, chocolate, hand-crocheted dish cloths, and trail mix, their faces showed the delight of being cared for.

Next came the “pampering” sign-ups for haircuts, pedicures, consultations with professional counselor or a nurse. Many were pensive as they scheduled their appointments.

The festivities began in a large circle with some robust worship singing and a welcome by the staff and speaker. A highlight of my day was meeting in our small groups and hearing their stories. Personally, I was entranced with the enthusiasm for ministry shown by the 30-somethings in my group who, in addition to homeschooling their young children, were doing such incredible ministry in remote and often dangerous places.

Then they played a hilarious ice-breaker game of moving a few seats to the right or left if some experience or characteristic was true for them, often ending up on each other’s laps. These included things like “move if you speak more than 3 languages” or “if you have been stopped on the road by an animal” (and then describing zebra or monkey or camel that was in their way). Laughter is good for the soul and being understood by a whole roomful of other workers in Africa was even better.

What a privilege it will be to bless and be blessed during this first retreat!


Cindy Judge | First Time Retreat Volunteer


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  • Love keeping up with your ministry this way writer! Keep them coming! Can see your heart for the girls who are your daughters’ ages. You are the perfect person to love on them.

  • Denise

    Thank you for this post – our daughter is receiving this refreshment for the first time in 5 years of overseas service. I have prayed she could attend and God went before her and provided in many tangible ways. Praying that all the women are brave enough to ask for the help they need to be heard during this retreat. Thank you for offering this to them. A mom of a missionary