With Grace in Mind

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With Grace in Mind
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In all the trials I’ve had to face,
In all the tasks I see at hand,
There’s much about amazing grace
I find I still don’t understand.

The past is not quite in the past;
I’m trapped, at times, by what has been.
But ev’ry time the shadow’s cast,
I pray for grace to love again.

My current work is deep and broad;
At times I fear my strength is gone.
Yet trusting not myself, but God,
I pray for grace to carry on.

Though past may haunt and failure loom,
Your grace persists, unearned and free.
In ways I would not dare presume
Your grace is still enough for me.

I serve with all my strength and mind,
As weakness keeps Your grace in view.
But may it be that I should find
Not just Your grace, O Lord, but You.

©2014 Thrive.


Question to consider: When have you seen God give you grace to carry on?

About the author

Krista is an accountant, a cross-cultural worker, a poet, and an aunt. She works in Bible translation and lives in Papua New Guinea, or 7,686 miles from the niece who has inspired some of her favorite poems.

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  • Allene

    What a beautiful poem! I searched Thrive and found the others you posted also – all good!
    Keep up the good work. Poetry can touch hearts in a way that prose doesn’t.

    • Krista B

      Allene, thanks for the encouragement! I’m humbled that you went looking for more of my poetry. I agree that the Lord uses poetry in a special way, and I hope to keep writing more.

  • Jessica Richardson

    I love your poem. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what we are truly doing and become focused on what could be or what has been. God’s grace is always there and is sufficient for our entire lives.

    • Krista B

      Thanks, Jessica! Grace is so important, and I wish I understood it more. You’re right–it’s so easy to lose sight of both grace and the big WHY of what we’re doing.

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful! I cried as I read this–I’m just starting another term after a very difficult last term. Trying to continue to trust God in spite of difficut circumstances. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Krista B

      Stephanie, that was *exactly* the situation I was in when I wrote this poem. I pray that God will bless you for your faith, encourage you even (especially?) on the really hard days, and give you the grace you need for a fresh start this term.

  • Melissa May

    Very beautiful and very true. Thanks for sharing your words and your heart.

    • Krista B

      Thank you, Melissa May. It’s my privilege to share, and it’s my hope that God will use it to bless others.

  • Betty Smith

    Krista: That poem was beautiful. You have a real gift and it is thrilling to me that you are using it to encourage others, thus glorifying the Lord. Pray for you regularly. Ladies at Greenwood Hills send their love, too.

    • Krista B

      Thank you, Betty, for your kind words and your prayers. The Lord knows I need them both. Love to all of you!

  • Claudia Aanderud

    Excellent poem! So true and so well put. You have a wonderful ability!