In all the trials I’ve had to face,
In all the tasks I see at hand,
There’s much about amazing grace
I find I still don’t understand.

The past is not quite in the past;
I’m trapped, at times, by what has been.
But ev’ry time the shadow’s cast,
I pray for grace to love again.

My current work is deep and broad;
At times I fear my strength is gone.
Yet trusting not myself, but God,
I pray for grace to carry on.

Though past may haunt and failure loom,
Your grace persists, unearned and free.
In ways I would not dare presume
Your grace is still enough for me.

I serve with all my strength and mind,
As weakness keeps Your grace in view.
But may it be that I should find
Not just Your grace, O Lord, but You.

©2014 Thrive.


Question to consider: When have you seen God give you grace to carry on?