I am an American pediatrician serving the Lord in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (and around the world). Through the experience of a benign brain tumor, the Lord led me into medicine as a way to serve him. Later, after I worked for a few months at an orphanage in the Philippines, he called me to be a doctor cross-culturally.

We work with a community health evangelism, or CHE, which is a wholistic strategy that combines evangelism and discipleship with community-based development. Our goal is to see individuals, families, and communities transformed by Christ . We work as a network with churches, agencies and NGOs in about 126 countries around the world. (See www.chenetwork.org.)

I facilitate the development of our CHE training curriculum, and also Children’s CHE, or community health evangelism with children. Much of my time is spent traveling and giving training seminars for Children’s CHE.

With Children’s CHE, kids learn health and social skills, and they become followers of Christ. Then the children share what they have learned with their families, friends and neighbors.

We also have several ministries in Zihuatanejo–in children’s clubs, with a small orphanage, and at a garbage dump. Thank God that many people are coming to Christ.

You may have heard of Zihuatanejo through the movie Shawshank Redemption. Zihuatanejo is located north of Acapulco on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
Thank God for all he is doing!

Pray for the leaders and community health evangelists in each country where we work–that their ministries will flourish and multiply to surrounding communities. Pray that the Lord will work through children to draw their families and neighbors to Christ. Pray for the development of Children’s CHE training teams around the world. Pray for God’s guidance as Children’s CHE is being used in schools in several countries.

Pray that all we do may bring glory to God.


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