A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.

Proverbs 16:9

Here AND There

How I struggle with being able to be in only one place at any one time!

I’ve debated the limits of space and time with my Abba Father on many occasions. When a child was too ill to leave the house a trip to the beach would have to be canceled. If a message were received too late an opportunity to attend an event would be lost. There are countless instances.

None of my discussions at the Throne of Grace have eased my frustrations. It seems the God whose existence is both boundless and timeless decided it would be best to restrict His creatures in both dimensions. It’s one thing to bow to His sovereignty and another to live comfortably within the confines He sets.

This LORD of my life made it clear on May 18th that it was time for my husband and me to leave the field and return to the States. There was no need to question the circumstances He arranged. We shared the news with our friends and emptied our three bedroom flat. Somehow the plane seemed empty when I boarded on June16th.

The Father has yet to give us further instructions. Therefore I have no idea what’s ahead. It may be that our next assignment is stateside and I want to be prepared for that possibility. My prayer is that He’ll cause us to be fit to return to the field we love.

And so I sit with my body HERE and my heart THERE.


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