I am a rural Ohio girl, born in Minster, eldest of 10 kids.  I come from a Catholic background, made a personal commitment to Jesus after watching ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (truly…) and due to a Navigator ministry in college, fell deeply in love with God as revealed in the Bible. God also used Madeleine L’Engle’s book ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ to help me understand God’s love, and I have read science fiction/fantasy ever since to help develop what I hope is the kind of imagination C.S. Lewis wanted us to have as an ‘organ of meaning.’

I am a family medicine doctor with public health training.  Clinically I do mostly obstetrics, but my primary work is with the trainers who work in villages with neighborhood groups of rural women.  They are taught ‘participatory action research’, an approach to things they identify as hoped-for change, where the women themselves are researchers seeking causes and ways forward to action to bring about lasting transformative change. I also oversee our team of community chaplains who bring Biblical truth to local leaders, community members who come for health services, and the same groups of village women.

I work with Muslims in South Asia at a rural integrated health and  development project.

Please pray for Christians involved in reaching out to patients and groups involved in our work; for the new pastor of our national church which is very strategic in that it brings together mostly staff of our project who are from various ethnic and religious backgrounds (traditional Christian, former Muslim, and Hindu believers, cross-cultural workers and nationals); for dreams, visions, signs among the people causing them to seek truth and consider Jesus.


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