Bonnie Brawand Lafitte grew up in Guatemala where her parents were linguists with Wycliffe Bible Translators. After graduating from Wheaton College, she met her husband Glenn in Ecuador in 1982, where they had each gone to work with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global). Married since 1983, Glenn and Bonnie are the parents of two grown sons who live in Louisville, Kentucky: Jared (married to Mandy in 2010) and Justin (married to Glenna in 2014).

Bonnie and Glenn live a few miles from the Mexico border, in Mission, TX, near McAllen TX/Reynosa, MX. Members of Reach Beyond, they are on loan to Inspiracom (a ministry of World Radio Network, Inc., and formerly a ministry of Reach Beyond). With Christian radio stations blanketing the US/Mexico border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arizona/California border, Inspiracom includes ten Spanish stations and four English stations, Internet streaming, and a Spanish Bible correspondence course. Over 200 cross-cultural workers, employees and volunteers serve in all the major US/Mexico border cities from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arizona/California border. Now Director of Corporate Affairs, Glenn has been in upper leadership of Inspiracom since 1999. Bonnie and Glenn have been cross-cultural workers on the US/Mexico border since 1989, after several years in Ecuador.

In addition to assisting Glenn in various ways, Bonnie compiles and edits “Inspiracomments” — how God is using Inspiracom to change lives. A creative writer, musician, and communicator, Bonnie’s ministry includes discipleship and mentoring.

Bonnie shares, “I’m thrilled to spend my life helping others know the One who died in our place. Jesus Christ’s ‘worth-ship’ invokes our worship.”

Bonnie says, “We appreciate your prayer as we are in a true ‘global hot spot’ here on the US/Mexico border. Pray that God would keep us encouraged in the face of a daunting task.”


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