I am a worshiper. I love music; I love to sing; but I really love to worship. Despite the fact that my husband has every genre of music and hundreds of CDs…the only thing I seem to ever play on the iPod is the worship playlist. I guess that’s one of the things that drew me to my husband.  He’s a worshiper too.

I love that about God. He takes who we are; who He has made us to be; and He uses us in His kingdom. 18 years ago, we had the incredible privilege of living and working in Central Asia, among a people who love music, but didn’t know the One who created this love in them. They were made to be worshippers as well. Our job was to encourage them to write music and worship from their own hearts. And God gave us front row seats as He did an amazing work among this people group. We joyfully worked there for 13 years and saw God bring the whole circle of transformation; from hearing the gospel for the first time, to worshiping from their own hearts, to writing and recording their own music, to going out themselves to help facilitate the circle of the gospel in another people group.

God then allowed us to pass this amazing work off to our national friends and moved us on to the UK where we have been living and working in Wales for 5 years. We now have the privilege of walking alongside other musicians and workers, encouraging them, supporting them, and praying for them…continuing to ask God to again, raise up worshippers from every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

Honestly though, my biggest role has been in our home. I have been a Mom. I have homeschooled our 3 kids; I have served hundreds of cups of coffee over sweet, kitchen table conversations; I have thoroughly enjoying the many workers we have been able to host in our home; and I have loved it.

A new season is beginning in our home this fall. Our oldest is beginning university and an ocean will separate us. I know I’m not the first Mom to ever do this, but it feels huge. I would love for you to pray for our family as begin this new journey. I would also love for you to pray that my relationship with Jesus would grow deeper and sweeter each day. Pray that my greatest delight would be in worshiping Him.


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