I thoroughly enjoy my tropical garden.  Each morning I make the rounds to water and prune.   I’m trying to grow orchids, so I’m particularly watchful to see if any new blooms have appeared.   But while I’m watching the orchids, something just as beautiful is growing in an obscure, shady corner of the garden.   This lovely blossom only lasts on day, and if I’m not intentionally watching for it, I miss it.

A lot of life is like that:

I can be so taken with the obvious, that I miss seeing the hidden beauty that is silently out of sight.

I can be so busy running a program, I miss seeing the marginalized people, silently suffering in the shadows.

I can be so intent on keeping to my schedule, that I miss God’s divine appointments to speak into people’s lives

I can be so busy serving God, that I miss gazing on his face, knowing Him and knowing how much He loves me.

I can be so deafened by the clamoring of this world, that I don’t take the time to be still, to wait on the Lord, to rest in his presence, waiting for his voice.

Open my eyes.  Unstop my ears, so that I may see what you would have me see, and do what you would have me do. Order my steps.


©2014 Thrive.