Harvest of Righteousness

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Harvest of Righteousness
  Picture Praise Photography by: Debbie Eisenhut        

This photo shows an isolated community in the interior of Liberia. Most communities in the interior are cut off during the rainy season because the roads are impassable making mission aviation essential to interior ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse and SIM. People in the interior subsist on what they can grow in their gardens—country rice, sweet potatoes (for greens and the tubers), cassava leaves, etc. But agriculture in general has not yet recovered from the civil war(s). Most food is still imported.


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I am a general surgeon with SIM currently working at Mbingo Baptist Hospital helping with the surgical residency program. The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons at 10 sites on the continent is training Christian surgeons to work in Africa. The spiritual training of the residents is as important as the medical education. I feel privileged to be able to be part of this strategic work. My official posting is at ELWA Hospital in Liberia where I still have a home. However, it is not currently possible for me to do surgery there so I have come to Mbingo. I am praying and waiting on the Lord for clarity as to whether I should stay here long-term or whether He will eventually make it possible for me to return to Liberia.

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