“I have heard it said that Thrive really ‘gets’ global women. After experiencing my first Thrive retreat this week in Colorado I have to say I heartily agree. In fact I am starting to think they get global women even better than we (sometimes) get ourselves. Rumors of the blessings of a Thrive retreat have been circulating in global woman circles for years. And even though many of us came forewarned of the many wonderful facets of a Thrive retreat, as this retreat unfolded we were still pretty amazed by how evident it was that Thrive really does understand global woman women spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For instance, Thrive understands that global woman women love to give gifts of our time, energy and resources, but we are not very good at receiving. So Thrive donors gave lavishly to us. We were continually blown away by their abundant generosity which began with the gift basket we recieved on arrival and continued with the lovely door prizes that were given each day. Then we were told about the Clothing Boutique and encouraged to select entire outfits complete with accessories from the donated, all-new merchandise. There were even hand crocheted scarves for every participant!

Thrive understands that many of us are thirsting to worship, because worship is often a challenge in the countries where we serve. It was such a blessing that our worship leader prepared her heart and music especially for us! She not only lead us with beautiful vocals and a strong guitar–but more importantly she has a true gift of worship. Each session she and her team lead us into the presence of the Lord where we could receive healing and assurance and hope. Some of us raised our hands exuberantly in praise, others sang softly and many of us found ourselves in tears.

Thrive also understands that we need to hear messages from seasoned global woman women. Our speaker addressed some difficult issues with both insight and humor, and challenged us to learn from her mistakes in the field. We know she has walked a mile in our shoes.

Finally, Thrive understands that we need to laugh. Our lives can get pretty intense as we focus on serving in difficult places. Lorrie lead us in laughter, sprinkling each day with humor. One day she lead a hilarious interactive game. The next day she told a humorous story (acted out with comical antics) and encouraged us to share our own embarrassing moments. She even emceed an impromptu fashion show complete with upbeat music featuring the attendees modeling their new outfits from the Clothing Boutique. Who knew we could twirl and move to the music like that!

At the end of each day, our bodies have been filled with delicious meals, and our hearts with the loving care of volunteers who lead us in meaningful discussions, listened to our stories, counseled us, pampered us and prayed for us at every turn.

Thrive really does ‘get’ us. Its so good to be here.”

Written by an anonymous retreat attendee