Prepare to be found.

The names started pouring in about 4 months ago…volunteers, attendees, forming together lists that were just names at that time; they were stories floating around seemingly not connected and not knowing what the Father had in mind. We prayed. You prayed. We prayed for preparedness for what He was going to do. We prayed for the right people and the right hands to serve the right hearts at just the right time and just the right place. Then when things seem to be different than normal, suddenly it dawns…we prayed for this. Sometimes things seemed so different than “normal”, than other retreats…and after doing so much work to plan in all the right ways, for the right people…you realize that people are the ones that are being moved. Moved into place. Moved to be used. Moved to be found.

This group is different. It felt different. It was planned to be different. This was not just going to be another Thrive retreat, with another great schedule. This one, there was going to be woman that needed to be found. You could feel the depth of their stories days before they arrived. God moved volunteers. He brought together a team that is a unified front, working with joy together, accomplishing the logistical tasks in record time and having deep, open time to press into and rest…to prepare. They were preparing to find 50 women that were headed their way. Headed to the mountains of Snowmass, CO because God had moved them. Their stories are deep. Their stories are full. Their stories need to be found, to be held up and to be lifted up to the One who found us all.

Our speaker, Ruth Conard has been talking about two things that stick out to me, one of them is the inner Sanctuary where our stories and God commune and is a holy place to know God and to be known. The other is how blessed it is to be “found” by God. This week, this retreat is one of those inner Sanctuaries where together, we commune in the deep with our Father God. This week, we are being “found” by God.

Jenn Lindgren, Thrive Staff

IMG_8442 IMG_8654

I came to this retreat broken, on the verge of a cliff.  Our last year on the field had left us tired, disillusioned and discouraged.  As we landed in the US just three weeks ago, I was not sure I could make it through the summer, much less the next year.  Just 24 hours in, I can tell you that the Thrive retreat has been like finding a spring of water for my thirsty soul.  The women here are JUST LiKE ME! Wonderful worship, impactful teaching, and wonderful care … Today I received my first new dress in 4 years.  This lovely place of peace and rest is a treasure,,,,

Jenny Wheelis, Albania