Today we pray for…

Volunteer: Joy

Father God…may each woman shout for joy (as You renew it in them!) to the Lord, worship Him with gladness, come before him with joyful songs. Reaffirm to each that the Lord is God. It is he who made them and they are His, they are his people, the sheep of His pasture. Deepen their faith in that the Lord is good and his love for them endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations (Psalm 100).

We ask that you direct Joy as she leads the women in worship. May the music be a balm to their souls and help them connect deeply with You. Let a spirit of joy arise!

It’s doubtful that there is a more concerted effort in Christian cross-cultural work than along the US-Mexican border. Literally thousands of church groups per year make their way south to come alongside cross-cultural workers in such places as Nogales, Juarez, and Baja California. Yet Mexico is more than just border towns with an interior rich in history and in great need for dedicated cross-cultural workers. There still remain many areas where evangelical work is in its infancy or non-existent. We pray for more laborers to head into the remote areas of Mexico as well as the unreached urban centers. We pray that they will persevere in the face of increasing crime and intimidation.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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