…the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold… 1 Peter 1:7

The more that I learn about the process of refining gold, the more I learn that there is no set process. Although the same basic methods are utilized, the order may be somewhat changed according to the properties of the original ore.

Our lives are no different. We are all at different stages of the refining process. We cannot assume that just because we are going through the crushing today, the next step in our process will be separation. It is not that simple.

Some portions of refinement are repeated again and again within one individual, while they may never be experienced by the next person.

Life’s situations are the crushers, the separators, and the smelters of our heart.

His hand is upon every single device—He is always regulating their speed and intensity for your best good.

We love ourselves and are satisfied in our current lump-ore state. Often, we would rather remain hidden in the mine than be brought to a state of true purity.

Yet our Master Miner never rests.

The One whose eyes are like fire melts our dross with one look (Revelation 1:14).

The One whose feet are like burnished bronze desires that we walk in the light as He is in the light (Revelation 1:15).

The One whose face is like the sun shining in its strength looks into our soul; our inner person gleams with His brilliance, which spills onto our face with radiance (Revelation 1:16).

If we gaze at His shekinah with wide-opened eyes, we cannot remain satisfied with the darkness of the mine.

That process, however, takes time—His time, where one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.

For our God is a consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:29)

Will you push aside the busyness of your day for a glimpse at His luminosity?


Everything that can stand the fire, you shall pass through the fire, and it shall be clean, but it shall be purified with water for impurity. But whatever cannot stand the fire you shall pass through the water. (Numbers 31:23)

You can stand the fire, not just the washing of water.

You have been crushed and sifted until the weight seems unbearable.

You have passed through the fire and have been melted and strained. The intense heat may have caused you to despair.

Nevertheless, the Refiner’s hand moves toward a purpose. He squeezes and dissolves, heats and fires, until He can see His very own reflection in Your face.

You are of great value.

I pray that the Lord will imprint His own image into your malleable and willing heart.

Cool into His steadfast likeness, a vessel of honor perfectly fitted for His hand.

As you offer a moldable and willing response, may you never again need the fire to purify you; may you need only the daily washing of a suitable utensil.

His temple is filled with only the finest. You are being made into just that.

May He fill you with His Spirit today and empty you only by a deep draught from His very own lips.

Thanks for walking the journey with me.

Holy Father,


Thank You for choosing me. It is amazing to think that I am not only chosen for eternal life but am actually chosen to obey (1 Peter 1:2).


I know myself. Left as I am, I have no capacity for spiritual growth. I am selfish and want things to center around me.


Yet in Your death, You gathered up all of my ugliness and took it to the grave with You. In a very unfair trade (at least on Your part), You infused me with Your life, so that I do not have to continue on the disintegrating path I was on.


To top it off, since You have allowed Your same life to flow through me, You have opened the treasures of heaven to be mine as well (1 Peter 1:3-4).


I have to admit that I often do not think that I am actually going to make it to the end day. Some of the days before me seem awfully long and tedious. Yet You have promised that I am protected for the final reality (1 Peter 1:5). I am claiming that promise and am not going to let You forget it (as if You could).


As I walk through today’s pressings and meltings, I remember the true value that You are refining within me. You work each and every situation into an event that will purify my faith into a vessel useful in Your hands (1 Peter 1:6-7).


I love You, Lord (1 Peter 1:8).


©2014 Thrive.


Question to consider:  How do you push aside the busyness of your day for a glimpse at His luminosity?