Living in an African village has its joys and hardships.  Being apart of God’s creation is one of the delights.  It is only God that we can see Him in the mist of a lost and hurting people.  Some days He displays His awesome power in the sky.  Like my daughter said, “That is what it will be like when Jesus comes!”  Yes it will and that is why we are here.  We want our village friends to join us in the celebration on that day.

Some people think we have given up so much be living in Uganda.  They can’t imagine living without a microwave, all their technology and gadgets, without stores, restaurants, air conditioning. Actually I have learned we are so very blessed.  We live simply.  I have found that there is freedom in living simply.  There is so much joy found in the little things.  I am so thankful we are able to stop each day and see God in the sunset.  No, I am not giving up too much.  God is giving me so much!


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