An invitation from Matthew 11:28-30


You are tired. Come.

You cannot pick up this new yoke with the load you are already carrying. You have a choice, My child: My yoke or the one you now have. Trust Me, that I never meant for you to carry such a heavy load. You started slowly, but you cannot survive the weight you are now carrying or the rate at which you are accumulating new weight.

Child, the point of coming is to surrender to Me. You will have to give up that heavy burden and the pride of carrying it alone. You will have to surrender to Me.

You know Me, My child. You already trust Me, and you know that My goodness has followed you through many rough days. My gentle hands have held you. Look now at the light load I have for you. Even that load I will help you carry. Just let down the burdens and cares with which you have become loaded down. Place them in My hands. The back that carried your cross is strong enough to hold your worries. Do not worry about letting the load down gently. Throw it off like the unwanted weight you were never meant to carry. Throw it on Me with all the strength you have left. I will renew your strength. I will give you rest.

Come, My child. Come humbly. Come quickly. Come.


©2014 Thrive.


Question to consider:  How does this reflection encourage you today?