Global Woman Highlight | Erin Shahmayeva

I am Erin Shahmayeva. I moved to the Ural Mountains of Russia in 2001 where I met and married my husband, Rashid, who is from the Ukraine. We have four children–Emmanuel, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Elaina. We work with Russian Ministries in the areas of evangelism, training, and mercy ministries. My heart is for my children, the children of Russia, and the children of the world to come to know the love of Jesus Christ. I enjoy running kids’ clubs and doing puppet ministry for children, especially in the villages and countryside of Russia. My husband and I also have a heart to help the poor and needy, and have worked in the past with orphans, street kids, the homeless, and ran a soup kitchen. We hope in the future to expand our ministry in this area.

Please pray:

  • for God to open doors so that we would have more opportunities in our city to serve and love the poor.
  • for my attitude to be one of peace and joy when my husband is away traveling the Russian countryside doing evangelism and I am home alone with the children holding down the fort.
  • for our health and safety
  • for God to give me wisdom in raising my children in an international marriage and a foreign culture.
  • for God to give me strength and support when I struggle with loneliness.


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