Change is in the wind.  Again. Our twin daughters will graduate from high school this spring and begin college in the US.  The rest of us will spend a year on furlough, living who knows where, in some home furnished with who knows what, doing jobs not yet defined for us.  Our work in the Philippines is slowing, and we may not return to this assignment.  Questions about the future mount in my mind. The uncertainties loom large on the horizon, and worry lurks at the corners of my heart.  

When I walk by this flock of goats near a port in our Filipino city, watched over by a goatherd and his friend, the image brings a smile.  There is not the least shadow of worry on this goatherder’s face.  He will care for his flock, meet the needs of these goats, guide them where he wants them to go.  Can I trust my Good Shepherd any less?


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