Global Woman Highlight | Kandy Persall

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Global Woman Highlight | Kandy Persall

I am Kandy Persall. I am a mess – emotional, wordy, easily distracted. Even after thirty years of marriage and four grandchildren, I still journal about the same issues that the Father was talking to me about as a teenager.

After 25 years with a large agency, twenty of which were spent in Asia, the Father has tasked me as a translator, here in the states. As a blogger, writer and speaker, I translate spiritual truths that He speaks into very ordinary and simple language. In a culture driven by visuals, we’ve become illiterate in spiritual things. We need translators to encourage us with the value of knowing Him. I do this from the very dusty, windy plains of West Texas.

Pray that He will make me a woman of parables – one who can use ordinary stories to explain the amazing truths of His Word. Ask the Father to tuck me behind His Presence, so that in all I write or speak, He will be the One remembered. Pray that I can see Him clearly, in all I do.


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About the author

An author, speaker and humorist, Kandy is passionate about helping people connect the Living Word within them to the written Word in their laps. After twenty years overseas, she has compiled her own journey in the Word into the book, "Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word". She also has selections in both of the Beth Moore "Voices of the Faithful" books. In between trips to visit her six grandchildren, Kandy loves meeting others that truly hungry for Him.

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