Global Woman Highlight | Kandy Persall

I am Kandy Persall. I am a mess – emotional, wordy, easily distracted. Even after thirty years of marriage and four grandchildren, I still journal about the same issues that the Father was talking to me about as a teenager.

After 25 years with a large agency, twenty of which were spent in Asia, the Father has tasked me as a translator, here in the states. As a blogger, writer and speaker, I translate spiritual truths that He speaks into very ordinary and simple language. In a culture driven by visuals, we’ve become illiterate in spiritual things. We need translators to encourage us with the value of knowing Him. I do this from the very dusty, windy plains of West Texas.

Pray that He will make me a woman of parables – one who can use ordinary stories to explain the amazing truths of His Word. Ask the Father to tuck me behind His Presence, so that in all I write or speak, He will be the One remembered. Pray that I can see Him clearly, in all I do.


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