It was weird enough that the normally sandy path to the Black Sea was covered in snow, but when I got to the beach…I couldn’t believe it! What used to be a great expanse of water was now ice as far as the eye could see. How does that even happen? It was a bit surreal being in a place that was at once so familiar and so alien. It struck me that there was still moving water and life somewhere underneath that ice. And, yes, I’m going to use that as a metaphor. Ministry here in Ukraine sometimes feels “frozen” with impossible barriers to get through (think “cold” hearts), and the melting can take so long! But God is the one who brings the ice and God is the one who will clear it, in time. And He’s the source of life beneath. What I do know is that I’ll be swimming in that same sea this summer! Oh, the wonder of God’s works!


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