White as Snow

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White as Snow
  Picture Praise Photography by: Cecile Sander        

Spring on the little island where we share the Good News, is marked by these brightly, blood-colored Flamboyant trees. This year we often travelled through areas where we were surrounded by them. Every time the invitation from God’s word in Isaiah 1:1 resounded clearly in my mind. I could imagine God washing away my dark uglyness and filling me with a fragrant beauty like the flowers of the trees. It gave me courage to face all the struggles of my own heart with a new expectation of good things.


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We did pastoral work on the little island of Mauritius for four years but returned to South Africa in September 2014. Since December we are working on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal where my husband is the director for Crusade for Christ (an indigenous mission) and I coordinate the ministry of Silver Oaks Retreat and Conference Center. We see ourselves called to equip the saints to do the works God has gifted them to do (Ephesians 4:12) Our main ministry is to Xhosa and Zulu folk and we feel honored to serve the Lord for this season in this place.

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